Pizza Hut's Musical Pizza Box Turns Dinner Into A Full-On Rave

This looks awesome.

A cardboard pizza box that doubles as a DJ unit may not be the greatest tech innovation ever, but it’s definitely the cheesiest.

Pizza Hut has just introduced the DJ device, which looks like a standard cardboard pizza box ― until you open it up to find touch-sensitive decks, a mixer and other controllable buttons, according to

The pizza beatbox, created with the help of Novalia, a London-based electronics company, connects to a computer or smartphone via Bluetooth.

Button icons on the box control playback and mixing and can even increase and decrease the pitch of a track.

Pretending to spin one of the fake discs on the box even gives wannabe pizza DJs a whack “spinning” sound, according to

It’s unclear how effectively the box works when it is dripping with pepperoni grease stains.

The DJ pizza boxes will be available in only five of Pizza Hut’s 350 United Kingdom outlets. Aspiring pizza DJs can get hints where to go by following the chain’s U.K. Twitter feed.

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