Pizza Hut China Serves Up Hot Dog-Stuffed Crust, Tempura Shrimp And Mayonnaise Pie (PHOTO)

Globe and Mail staff photojournalist John Lehmann is documenting his travels through China on a Tumblr blog, and his images are nothing short of amazing.

But amid the clamorous scenes of crowded commutes, poignant portraits of every life and dramatic cityscapes, one image stands out to us: this photo of a Pizza Hut pie with a hot dog crust topped with shrimp tempura and mayonnaise.

We're more than familiar with wacky dishes rolled out internationally by fast food chains, but for one reason or another, products in the Chinese market have largely remained elusive to us. Until now, that is.

Lehmann appears to have ordered the dish himself, evidenced by his telling use of hashtags in the following explanation posted to his blog:

What’s the latest tasty treat from Pizza Hut in China? A hotdog encrusted shrimp tempura pizza with mayonnaise. #imgoingtobesick #chinadiaries

Gaze upon the splendor of this thing below. LOOK AT IT.

pizza hut tempura shrimp hot dog



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