Pizza Hut Employees Caught On Tape Taking Celebratory Bong Hits

Maybe they should call it "Pizza Hit" instead?

Two Pizza Hut employees in Cypress, California, apparently rang in the New Year, not with a gong, but with a bong.

Video uploaded to shows a dank-happy duo taking huge rips off a foot-long water pipe on New Year's Eve.

At one point, a woman asks about her co-worker, "Did he take a good hit?"

Another worker takes a hit and twirls around with the bong before giving it back to the person filming the on-the-clock party.


Although pizza is very popular with stoners, Pizza Hut apparently doesn't like the idea of employees getting baked while baking pizzas.

The bong-huffing employees have not been identified, but after the video went viral they were fired, according to

A Pizza Hut rep gave this statement to the website: 

"There is no tolerance for this kind of activity at any of our restaurants. The local franchise owner took swift action and the employees involved will no longer work for Pizza Hut."

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