Pizza Hut's New Menu Supposedly Reads Your Mind Then Picks Your Toppings (In 2.5 Seconds)

Pizza Hut's New Menu Supposedly Reads Your Mind Then Picks Your Toppings

Pizza lovers who just can't make up their minds about what to order, rejoice! Pizza Hut has developed a new tablet-based menu that relies purely on customers’ eye movements to create their perfect pizza.

The “Subconscious Menu," which is only in test mode in the United Kingdom for now, first syncs a customer's eye movements to a tablet by asking the customer to follow a moving Pizza Hut logo on the screen. Then, the screen shows images of the chain’s 20 most popular ingredients.

Mmm ... barbecue sauce.

After just 2.5 seconds, voilà! The menu reveals the customer’s "perfect" pizza based on the ingredients he or she has been staring at the longest. There are 4,896 possible combinations, according to a Pizza Hut press release from Nov. 28, so that's pretty fast.

Unfortunately, we couldn't try out the system ourselves, and neither can you -- yet.

So far, Pizza Hut has only tested the system with select journalists and customers in the UK, and claimed in the release that it has had a 98 percent success rate. The company did not immediately provide further details about the methodology of the trials it conducted.

But obviously, no one's tied to the first suggestion that the menu generates. If the customers aren’t happy with their pizza, they’re able to start the process over again, or they can just order the traditional way.

The system is powered by Swedish company Tobii Technology, which specializes in eye-tracking technology. A spokesperson for Pizza Hut restaurants told The Huffington Post in an email that the software is not yet available for purchase, but is expected to become publicly available in 2015.

"This menu innovation really is ahead of its time," the spokesperson wrote.

The technology, which took six months to develop, is being incorporated into Pizza Hut's ordering shortly after the chain unveiled a new menu and other rebranding measures.

"We love to excite and innovate," Kathryn Austin, Pizza Hut's head of marketing, said in the press release. "This year we’ve redesigned restaurants up and down the country and launched a brand new menu with lots tasty new options. But we don’t just want to stop there."

But as to when we'll get to allow our subconscious to create pizza, the future is unclear.

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