Pizza Hut's Newest Crust Innovation Puts Stuffed Garlic Knots On Your Pie

Why didn't we think of this?!

Just when we thought pizza couldn't get any gooier, cheesier, or meltier... it did.

Behold, Pizza Hut's new creation, the Stuffed Garlic Knots Pizza.

Stop. Right. Now.

Pizza Hut

The Stuffed Garlic Knots Pizza includes "16 hand-rolled cheese-stuffed garlic knots on the crust of a large pizza," a company press release states.

In other words, this is crust stuffed with pockets of cheesy, garlicky goodness.

The pizza will be available until mid-March, a Pizza Hut spokesperson told HuffPost.

We think it's a huge step up from the chain's previous and less desirable crust creations, which include a hot dog crust in the U.S. (eek!) and a Doritos crust in Australia (ick).

We'll take the cheese, please.

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