You Can't Go Wrong With A Pizza-Printed Thong

You can't.

One great way to calm your nerves: wear party panties. Party panties are silly, sexy or bizarre underwear that makes you feel like you've got a secret. Say, for example, you're giving a presentation to the CEO and you wear bacon-printed boy-shorts underneath your pantsuit. The CEO will never know, and you can feel less stressed, appreciating the fact that life's only as serious as you make it.

If this is your kind of thing, these salacious pizza panties may be worth adding to your underpants rotation if their crowdfunding campaign is successful.

The pepperoni g-string features an elastic waistband and one full, triangular slice to cover what underwear covers.

Phil Gonzales, the creator of these cheesy skivvies, assembled a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $15,000 to fund production. A $10 donation grants funders a single pair of panties, and for $15, contributors can get the pizza panties delivered "fresh out of the oven" in a triangular box.

They probably won't satisfy any craving, but they're certain to please the refined, pizza-obsessed women in the world. Learn more about the campaign at Kickstarter .

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