'Pizza Rat Boulevard' Is Where Pizza Rat Dreams Come True

On "Pizza Rat Boulevard," the rats pull out their phones and gawk at YOU trying to eat.

In September, Pizza Rat scampered into our hearts, nabbed what pizza we had there, and then ran off with said pizza into the annals of Internet history. It so took the nation by storm, Internet law required that it be made into a Halloween costume.

And now, Pizza Rat has been given a street all his own. Sort of.

On Friday, a photo taken on location in Brooklyn for the show "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" revealed the street sign for "Pizza Rat Boulevard." 

A photo posted by Fred Benenson (@fredbenenson) on

Unfortunately, it's just a set piece for the show, and was taken down soon after.

But don't you worry, dear reader. Soon, Pizza Rat will rise from the leftover crusts and take control of our conventional way of life. And for those who stand by him during this ascent to glory, perhaps he will show you the merciful side of his mighty pizza-clutching mandibles.

The rest of you will fall like so many dominoes.

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