4 People Trash Pizza Shop For Really Cheesy Reason, Police Say

The fury was sparked by garlic knots -- with cheese on them.

Four people spent the weekend in jail after being accused of brawling inside a Florida pizza shop over -- of all things -- garlic knots.

Deputies in Flagler County said the fight began at Palm Coast Pizza on Friday when Jessica Conti, 25, became angry that her garlic knots had cheese on them, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Although employees refunded Conti's dough, authorities said she felt "disrespected" by the way the money was placed on the table and became even more irate, according to the Dayton Beach News-Journal.

As Conti expressed her displeasure, three men who had been waiting for her outside came into the pizza shop. Police identified the men as Vincent Conti, 23, Shawn Cody, 32, and Hareem Jones, 26.

Police said the four started trashing the business, first by pushing the fax machine and cash register to the floor. Then the fromage-hating foursome went into the food preparation area and started throwing food and pizza boxes, police said.

One suspect tossed a glass container of parmesan cheese into a television, according to

Authorities estimated damage to the pizza shop at around $1,000 -- $995.50 more than a large order of garlic knots.

The four left before deputies arrived, but two witnesses recognized some of them and told police, according to

From left: Hareem Jones, 26; Shawn Cody, 32; Jessica Conti, 25; Vincent Conti, 23.
From left: Hareem Jones, 26; Shawn Cody, 32; Jessica Conti, 25; Vincent Conti, 23.

Deputies arrested all four a short time later at Jessica Conti's home. Each was charged with burglary and criminal mischief. In addition, Jones was charged with marijuana possession.

All four were released from jail Sunday afternoon, according to the Dayton Beach News-Journal.

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