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How The Rest Of The World Tops Their Pizza (INFOGRAPHIC)

Pizza toppings around the world are stranger than we expected.

We're all pretty unique when it comes to pizza, which means it's easy to argue about how to top your pie when forced to share with others. Some people will only agree to pepperoni. Others insist on arugula . And then, there's always that crazy individual who wants to ruin their pizza with canned black olives. (You know who you are, and can you please stop ruining pizza for everyone??)

But if you stop and take a look at the way the rest of the world tops their pizza, you'll quickly see that our pizza topping differences are just the tip of the iceberg. In Australia, pizza gets topped with kangaroo (of course); in India, paneer makes an appearance; and in the Nordic country of Sweden, they uncharacteristically top their pizza with peanuts, pineapple and curry.

Take a scroll to see the pizza infographic by Pizza Morgan Hill and learn what pizzas look like around the world. And then, stop fighting with your friends just because you want to add raw garlic to your pizza when no one else does.

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