The Pizza Waffle Is Proof That Everyone Needs A Waffle Iron

Pizza + waffles = love.

There's a surprising amount of foods that waffle well, aside from actual waffles. Hashbrowns, cornbread, and even brownies turn out delicious when cooked in a waffle iron. (You should try all of those, by the way.) But we just stumbled across one waffle iron recipe that trumps them all: pizza waffles.

Pizza waffles are pretty much what they sound like -- and taste even better than you hope. Pizza dough, topped with tomato sauce, pepperoni and so much cheese, topped with another layer of pizza dough and then waffled. This calzone-waffle hybrid is proof that everyone needs a waffle iron in their life, no matter how small your kitchen might be. Check out the video below by Food Steez and see for yourself.

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