Who Knew A Wedding Cake Could Be So Saucy (PHOTO)

Wedding cakes are expensive -- sometimes costing upwards of $20,000 -- so why not cut costs and keep your guests happy with a more economical option: pizza.

Reddit user itschrisinvegas posted this picture Monday of a five-tiered pizza "cake" with the caption, "My kind of wedding!"

It's unclear from the pic if the pie was actually used for someone's Big Day, but commentors sure think a pizza wedding cake would be a hit. Here's proof:

Pizzaman99: "Wait--I could have had pizza instead of cake? Okay, I'm asking my wife to renew our vows."

ilstar88: "THIS IS AMAZING. I love pizza."

TonyDiGerolamo: "Wish I thought of that."

So do we TonyDiGerolamo. So do we.

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