Over $150,000 Raised For Homeless Teens With Pizza4Equality

In an inspiring example of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community uniting against discrimination, one man has helped to raise almost $150,000 to support homeless youth.

#Pizza4Equality, launched by activist Scott Wooledge, is a fundraising response to the nearly one million dollars raised for Memories Pizza after owners of the Indiana business stated they wouldn't cater a gay wedding and then claimed they had to shut down their restaurant due to threats and harassment.

But Wooledge isn't alone. He's teamed up with The Food System, which is sponsoring pizza parties across the country to screen "The Homestretch," a doc about youth homelessness, and Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Fund to help raise even more money and awareness about homeless youth.

"I started #Pizza4Equality nine days ago," Wooledge told The Huffington Post. "Will Thwaites and The Food System came up with #HateFreePizza parties independently. I believe we were all simultaneously inspired by Memories Pizza story. #Pizza4equality action was to ask for donations to True Colors Fund to help homeless youth. And we're just about to break 4,000 donors and $150K."

Wooledge adds, "There's lots of ways to help homeless youth and a public pizza party of support is a fantastic compliment to what #Pizza4Equality has accomplished so far. I've spoken to the people at True Colors too and they love the pizza party idea too as a way to raise awareness on the topic. It was True Colors' suggestion that any monies raised go to help local groups helping homeless youth, not to True Colors."

These groups are aiming to match the money raised by Memories Pizza by April 29 -- the first national #40toNoneDay as marked by the True Colors fund.

"There is much disgust and consternation in the LGBT community over a viral fundraiser effort, that has as of this writing, earned $842,387," Wooledge notes on the GoFundMe page. "Many have lamented, 'If only our cause could raise that much money that fast.' I say, yes, we can."

"The Homestretch" airs tonight on PBS at 10pm ET.
Partnering with the National Network for Youth and the National Association of Educators of Homeless Children and Youth, ”The Homestretch” impact campaign targets federal and regional policy makers to change the current definition of homelessness to include youth. For more information head here.

Why not throw your own pizza party and donate to #Pizza4Equality?

Head here for more info about #Pizza4Equality .