PK -- A Masterstroke Off Hirani's Canvas

Rajkumar Hirani -- the man behind 3 Idiots and Munnabhai -- has an eye to bring up social issues in his movies that makes the audience riveted.

When a Hirani-Aamir bond prevails, the motion picture paves its way to the top of the Box Office and stays at its zenith for a good number of weeks.


PK is the latest Hirani- Aamir venture which has gained immense popularity in the national and international arena that has led to packed cinema houses since the day it premiered. However, the film, since its release has given birth to bagfuls of controversies with the immediate response evident on social media. Hirani has highlighted a topic which has made many Indians -- the local public as well as the religious majority, infuriated.

The theme evolves around how an alien (played by Aamir Khan) loses his remote and gets stranded on planet Earth. The innocent, foreign being when faced with greed, hostility and intolerance of humans keeps him constantly confused.

He learns Bhojpuri, a dialect of Northern India, life for PK, becomes slightly coherent until he finds out that a single word has multiple meanings associated to it -- this further baffles him.

The picturesque spots shown in the movie are brilliantly portrayed to say the least. The first few minutes of the film makes it look like a cliched Bollywood flick filmed on Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput on the streets of Belgium with European elegance oozing out from the cinema screen.

To the dislike of many and what makes PK controversial to some is the sole, empowering question it ignites whether to worship the God who made us or to worship gods made by us? This is reason alone to spark rage in a country of approximately 1.27 billion out of which the majority follows Hinduism.

PK sheds light on godmen who dictate the masses by acting as religious leaders and the sub-continent is a region where the hearts and minds of the public are under the influence of these godmen and their orders are taken as closely as the word of God alone.

Hirani's pictures carry a thought-inducing element fused with comedy. Laughter emanating from cinemas is nothing out of the box to his fans around the world.

When faced with mortals of the Earth who have ample means of bagging heavy sums of money through cheating and lying, PK gets a shocker, for in his realm lying is as strange a concept as wearing an attire is.

Anushka Sharma outplays her character as Jaggu and her chemistry with Khan is a pleasure to watch on the big screen.

Just as PK's yellow helmet is unforgettable, similarly Jaggu's sets of rich earrings adds to her grace.

PK talks about how a small investment in the name of religion can bring about maximum profits.

This thought-provoking, and unforgettable piece from Bollywood is bound to arise questions in the minds of the multitude for years to come, thus it is classed to be controversial. It is all about how sane individuals need to fathom and decipher the 'wrong from the right numbers.'

None other than Hirani dared to cover a 153 minutes motion picture which is an experience from the eyes of as pure a soul who has no understanding of the dynamics of those who call themselves humans.

While some mock the duo for PK, statistics can't be denied. Despite the controversy, PK has proved to be the highest Indian grosser, crossing 300 crores, the highest for any Hindi film.

Khan and his versatility never fails to impress. PK is one of those movies which no matter how many times one watches, it is bound to enthrall.