10 U.S. Places To Travel Before They Get Famous

Beat the tourists.

Nashville, Charleston, Portland (the Oregon one)... you've heard all about "America's up-and-coming destination cities," and chances are you've even been to a few. But as these pockets of culture blossom into full-blown vacation destinations, travelers are left yearning for someplace just a bit more off the radar for their next trip.

Behold, 2016's Destinations On The Rise. The experts at TripAdvisor predict these 10 places will make their big breaks in the coming year, based on the year-over-year increase in positive feedback and user interest on the site. Some spots are already fairly well-known in certain circles, like Kona, Hawaii (where the true locals go) and Alabama's Orange Beach (popular among certain spring breakers). But many of these are spots we've absolutely never heard of, and now's the time to go. TripAdvisor's 2016 Destinations on the Rise are:

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
French Peter via Getty Images
This historic fishing village is a perfect enclave for fresh seafood, as well as some blue-water beaches that tourists haven't overrun yet.
Portland, Maine
amolson7 via Getty Images
Everyone's going to be talking about Portland's food scene come 2016. (Lobster bread pudding?! Yes please.) Check out the quaint coastal art galleries, too.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
SeanPavonePhoto via Getty Images
The coolest American city you haven't been to has a whole lot of history, top-notch museums and two epic sports stadiums to make the most of your weekender.
Anchorage, Alaska
Blue Poppy via Getty Images
Estes Park, Colorado
Diana Robinson Photography via Getty Images
As the welcome mat to Rocky Mountain National Park, this scenic town has a breathtaking aerial tramway and cozy taverns.
Jackson, Wyoming
Dean Fikar via Getty Images
This idyllic cowboy town should be WAY more popular than it is, considering the incredible wildlife tours in two nearby national parks: Grand Teton and Yellowstone.
South Lake Tahoe, California
Take a gondola to the summit at Heavenly, then celebrate with pizza at the mountain's base. There's skiing in winter, mountain rim hikes in summer and much less crowding than in Lake Tahoe proper.
Destin, Florida
JuiceEllis via Getty Images
This might just be the easiest alternative to the Caribbean. So while everyone else flocks to Miami, head here for blue skies, fresh fish and the relatively well-hidden Henderson Beach State Park.
Orange Beach, Alabama
Yes, this stunning coastline is indeed in Alabama. Take a sunset catamaran and hit up some free concerts to truly appreciate this easily accessible beach destination.
Gatlinburg, Tennessee
You've likely never heard this town's name, but it's a nature lover's getaway with all the Southern charm you could want. Take a hike in Great Smoky Mountains National Park: You never know what you might find.

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