10 Glorious Places Where Daylight Savings Time Does Not Exist

10 Glorious Places Where Daylight Savings Time Does Not Exist To Confuse You

On the morning of March 9, most of us loyal Americans will "spring forward," faithfully turning our clocks ahead in celebration of daylight savings time. Two o'clock will become 3 o'clock, and one precious hour of life will be forever lost to the eternal vortex.

You can avoid this travesty -- and claim your rightful hour back! -- with a visit to 10 scrumptious locations where daylight savings time does not exist.

Arizona (except the Navajo Nation community)
While the rest of the country gets all confused about which hour to wake up, you'll be chillin' with the Grand Canyon sunrise, same time as always.
grand canyon

The Aloha Spirit transcends all time and space.

More daylight = more hot spring time.
blue lagoon iceland

...so does this mean vodka happy hour is now two hours?

If you're gonna visit the most beautiful paradise you've never heard of, might as well do it with more time to spare.

An extra hour means you have 60 more minutes to make it to the top of Everest.
mount everest

North Korea
Of course they choose to sit out on an international global phenomenon.
north korea

Hong Kong
When you live in one of the most bustling cities on Earth, ain't nobody got tiiime for clock swaps.
hong kong

Costa Rica
These laid-back ticos are too relaxed to even check their watches in the first place.

The Maldives
...as if you needed another excuse for an island getaway.

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