9 Places You'll Never, Ever Take A Picture

You'll Never, Ever Take A Picture Here

Today's "travel experience" is more like a fast-paced frenzy to post your photos first... because if you don't Instagram it, it didn't happen.

Thankfully, these places are so sacred, so off-limits or just so darn beautiful that they've banned picture-taking all together. Professional photographers have snagged shots in the past, but common travelers will never, ever get a photo if they're playing by the rules.

Musée d'Orsay
Cameras are forbidden in the hallowed Parisian halls that house Van Gogh's self portrait, Degas' ballerinas and Monet's gardens. You are, however, allowed to sketch your own copies. Best of luck.

Inside the Taj Mahal
Ever wonder why you only see photos of the outside? It's not just because the exterior is so beautiful: photography is forbidden inside the main mausoleum.
taj mahal mausoleum

Michelangelo's David
The Accademia Gallery in Florence is home to arguably one of the most famous statues of all time... too bad its guards have made a habit of yelling "NO PHOTO!"
michelangelo david accademia

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun
It's forbidden to photograph the embalmed bodies of North Korean leaders Kim il-Sung and Kim Jong-il -- guards even "blow dust off" you and "clean your shoes" before you enter the palace that houses them.
kumsusan palace of the sun

Westminster Abbey
Just ooone little selfie with the grave of Charles Darwin? Charles Dickens? Sir Isaac Newton? Nope, not allowed.
westminster abbey darwin

The Library at the Abbey of Saint Gall
At one of the oldest libraries in the world, you'll find the earliest-known architectural plan drawn on parchment. Apparently, the Swiss guards make you lock up your camera before you enter.

The White House
You can get in after requesting a tour through your congressman, but don't expect to take any epic photos at the Oval Office desk.

The Sistine Chapel
Hawk-eyed guards make it nearly impossible to get a photo of the ceiling masterpiece.
sistine chapel

The Crown Jewels
They're sparkly, but you can't snap a photo of The Imperial State Crown, Sovereign's Sceptre or the Coronation Spoon as you meander past them at the Tower of London.
crown jewels tower of london

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