Plan ForYourArt June 17-19

Plan ForYourArt June 17-19
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How Many Billboards? Closing Reception
MAK Center (West Hollywood)
The closing reception for How Many Billboards? the public art exhibition initiated by the MAK Center which debuted 21 newly commissioned artworks by leading contemporary artists on billboards throughout Los Angeles. The event will premiere the fresh-off-the-presses catalogues and offer a discussion reflecting upon the exhibition and the interpretation of art in the public sphere. The How Many Billboards? exhibition catalogue will be available at a preview price of $30 the day of the event. On June 18 it will go up to $40.

Achim Freyer: Light Shadows and Ring Processions
ACE Gallery (Mid-Wilshire)
Achim Freyer, Artistic Director for LA Opera's monumental new production of composer Richard Wagner's epic cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen presents an exhibition of new paintings and textile sculptures created while residing in Los Angeles, with the production of The Ring as a departure point. Titling the exhibition Light Shadows, he has also conceived an action combining theater and painting, with specially designed masked costumes created for the exhibition opening at Ace Gallery, titled Ring Processions, literally activating particular paintings. Performance Action at 7pm and 8pm.

Dingbat 2.0
Woodbury Hollywood Exhibitions (Hollywood)
The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design presents the Dingbat 2.0 Exhibition, featuring winning and selected entries from the recently completed Dingbat 2.0 Housing Competition, which challenged architects and designers to reconsider Los Angeles' ubiquitous "dingbat" apartment building for the 21st century. Historic documentation of existing dingbat apartment buildings is included in the exhibition, including work by artist Judy Fiskin, from her series Dingbat, 1982-83.

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