Plane Crash Animation Video Recreates Asiana Flight's San Francisco Landing

A former pilot has recreated Saturday's plane crash at the San Francisco airport in an animation video that offers chilling details.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the video was created by Jack Suchocki, a former pilot who flew 727s and other aircraft. Suchocki later founded Eyewitness Animation, a company that specializes in forensic animation and aviation accident reconstruction, according to its website.

The video shows the plane's dangerously low descent, dramatic attempt at recovery and tragic collision with the SFO seawall that sent the plane skidding across the runway. The audio features the actual plane and emergency communications.

The Chronicle explained that speed of the plane was adjusted for the video:

Speed was a major issue in the crash, and the ghost plane in the video showing how the plane should have landed would have immediately left the frame of the video if depicted realistically. For that reason, Suchocki had the two planes travel together.



SFO Plane Crash