12 Horrendous Airplane Passengers You Meet At 39,000 Feet

Don't be that person.

There are behavior rules for life -- and despite what some passengers may think, these rules do NOT disappear once you hit the sky. In fact, there is a higher standard of etiquette for airplanes, considering you're in a tighter-than-tight space with dozens of complete strangers.

Don't be that person... or any of these 11 people, for that matter.

1. The sudden seat recliner

If you're gonna suck up legroom, then at least give some warning.

2. The "what are earphones?!" movie watcher

The rest of the plane does not need to hear the film blaring from your tablet. Please invest in some headphones.

3. The smelly burger eater... with fries

We'd looove the smell of your burger at a backyard BBQ, we really would. But on a plane, keep it in the bag.

4. The snorer

For your sake and ours, find a way to take care of this problem before you take to the skies.

5. The chatterbox

That story about your pet guinea pig was nice. But please don't continue for another six hours.

6. The armrest hog

This space is meant for both of us, ya hear?

7. The REALLY loud laugher

We're all for the pursuit of happiness, but not when that happiness comes at ten zillion decibels.

8. The creeper

Please don't look over our shoulders while we answer emails or write in a journal. It's awkward.

9. The coach class passenger with a first class mind

We know you think you're the only one who needs a drink RIGHT NOW. But guess what? There are other people on this plane, too.

10. The yogi

Your fellow passengers don't enjoy watching you stretch in the aisles. And it turns out that flight attendants don't, either.

11. The aggressive seat poker

Every time you jab the TV screen, our entire seat jiggles... and turbulence is all the jiggling we need, thank you very much.

12. The carry-on crammer

You can stop trying to fit your entire life into that tiny box... it's clearly not happening.

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