Man Offers Free Around-The-World Trip Ticket To Woman With Same Name As His Ex

Calling all Elizabeth Gallaghers in Canada!

Tornoto resident Jordan Axani, 28, split with his girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher, earlier this year, leaving him with two plane tickets for a "fairly wicked trip around the world." He's looking to unload his ex's ticket, and he's turned to Reddit to find a Canadian who shares her name.

Destinations include Milan, Prague, Paris, Bangkok and New Delhi.

In his posting, Axani promised he's not looking for anything in return and said the woman doesn't have to travel around with him once they've deplaned. The only requirements he has for any other Elizabeth Gallagher out there -- save for her sanity and desire to travel -- are that she have a Canadian passport and that she eventually does "something similar someday."

"My thinking is that there's got to be at least a couple of dozen [women with that name] in Canada," he told CBC Radio show "As It Happens" on Monday. "I found three or four.”

"Among those, I'm sure we'll find someone that will enjoy the trip who also perhaps isn't able to see these countries otherwise," he said in an email to CTV news.

For now, Axani is posting updates on Twitter:

There are also tweeters who are dying to be named Elizabeth Gallagher ...

... and at least one who actually does have that name has come forward.

May the best Elizabeth Gallagher win!

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