Dizzying Panoramas Of Stars In Motion Will Leave You Breathless

"Spectacular" doesn't even seem to cut it when it comes to describing photographer Vincent Brady's series, "Planetary Panoramas."

The photographs in the series capture breathtaking skies in some of the most stunning landscapes in the United States and Canada.

"While experimenting with different photography tricks and techniques back in 2012, I was shooting 360 degree panoramas in the daytime and long exposures of the stars streaking in the sky at night. It suddenly became clear that the potential to combine the two techniques could be a trip," Brady wrote on his website. "Since the Earth is rotating at a steady 1,040 mph I created a custom rig of 4 cameras with fisheye lenses to capture the entire night-sky in motion. Thus the images show the stars rotating around the north star as well as the effect of the southern pole as well and a 360 degree panorama of the scene on Earth."

Brady says he took to the road with his rig last year, after graduating from Lansing Community College in Michigan, where he earned an associate degree in photography.

"My rig has taken me to firefly parties in Missouri, dark eerie nights at Devils Tower, through Logan Pass at Glacier National Park, up the mountains of British Columbia, and around the amazing arches and sandstone monuments in the Great American Southwest," Brady wrote.

Van Gogh, eat your heart out.

  • Delicate Arch, Utah
    Vincent Brady
    Delicate Arch, Utah
  • Devil's Tower, Wyoming.
    Vincent Brady
    Devil's Tower, Wyoming.
  • Landscape Arch, Utah.
    Vincent Brady
    Landscape Arch, Utah.
  • Double Arch, Utah.
    Vincent Brady
    Double Arch, Utah.
  • Firefly Planet
    Vincent Brady
    Firefly Planet
  • Glacier Park, Montana.
    Vincent Brady
    Glacier Park, Montana.
  • Lake of the Ozarks
    Vincent Brady
    Lake of the Ozarks

Brady has also created an astonishing YouTube montage of his "Planetary Panoramas." Watch it here.