Planned Parenthood President Blasts Congress' 'Hostility Toward Women'

Cecile Richards was shocked by the misogyny present in our legislature.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards did not mince words in a recent interview when discussing certain views on women's rights in Congress.

In September, Richards appeared before Congress in the wake of accusations that the organization was selling fetal tissue for profit.

"It is kind of shocking to me, particularly in Congress, the amount of hostility toward women, and just basic anger," she said during an interview released Tuesday with Lenny Letter founder Lena Dunham. "I think it really did expose the misogyny or the hostility toward women in Congress. And the total lack of regard."

Richards expressed concern that hostility towards women's rights in the legislature is not representative of America as a whole, noting that 60 percent of Americans support Planned Parenthood.

"It doesn’t surprise me that they don’t know much about women’s health or women’s bodies or what a breast exam actually consists of," she said of her experience testifying. "But it did stun me how little they cared. And how little empathy they have for women who basically don’t have access to health care in this country."

"You shouldn’t be able to be in Congress and not care about women at all," she added.

Richards also told Dunham that going before Congress gave her a greater appreciation for the women who serve as legislators, as well as those who work to keep Planned Parenthood up and running.

Namely, she touched on Planned Parenthood's resilience in the wake of the shooting at a Colorado Springs location the day after Thanksgiving. "We just carry on," Richards told Dunham. "Our motto is 'Our doors stay open.' And they do."

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