Planned Parenthood Branch Calls For Disney Princess 'Who's Had An Abortion'

Surprise! Twitter users got angry with that take on the princess meme.

A local Planned Parenthood tweet calling for a Disney princess who’s had an abortion did not live happily ever after.

A Pennsylvania branch of the reproductive health care organization sent out a post on Tuesday that read: “We need a disney princess who’s had an abortion. We need a disney princess who’s pro-choice.” The tweet, which played on a meme that suggests new traits for Disney heroines, went on to advocate for a princess who is an undocumented immigrant, a union worker or transsexual as well.

The message, which Planned Parenthood Keystone later deleted, has kept circulating in screengrabs.

The organization said the tweet was pulled because it was “not appropriate.”

“Today, we joined an ongoing Twitter conversation about the kinds of princesses people want to see in an attempt to make a point about the importance of telling stories that challenge stigma and championing stories that too often don’t get told,” Melissa Reed, president of Planned Parenthood Keystone, told USA Today. “Upon reflection, we decided that the seriousness of the point we were trying to make was not appropriate for the subject matter or context, and we removed the tweet.”

Not surprisingly, the post drew a backlash ― not all of it from conservatives.

Elsewhere in Disney diversity, “Frozen” director Jennifer Lee recently offered a glimmer of hope that Elsa might have a girlfriend in “Frozen 2,” saying, “We’ll see where we go.”

But with its social media activism under attack, Planned Parenthood Keystone is probably wishing it hadn’t gone where it went.



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