Americans Like Planned Parenthood More Than They Like Politicians

Sixty-one percent of Americans want the government to keep funding the organization.

Congress may be split over whether to defund Planned Parenthood, but Americans seem largely decided -- in favor of the family planning provider. An NBC/WSJ poll released Sunday found that Americans feel more favorably toward Planned Parenthood than they do about either the Democratic and Republican Party, the current Republican and Democratic presidential front-runners and President Barack Obama.

Forty-seven percent of Americans rated Planned Parenthood positively, while 31 percent rated it negatively. With a 16 percent net positive rating, the organization was viewed more favorably than any other political entity tested by the poll.


The survey also found that 61 percent of Americans oppose eliminating funding to Planned Parenthood for health services and family planning purposes. Thirty-five percent were in favor defunding the organization. Yet among those in support of defunding Planned Parenthood, very few opposed shutting down the government as a means of doing so.

Congress has until Oct. 1 to pass a budget and avoid a federal government shutdown. The issue of whether to stop providing federal funding to Planned Parenthood is the central issue dividing the parties.

Sentiments about Planned Parenthood have remained unchanged since NBC/WSJ first polled Americans about it in July.

In terms of favorability, vice president and potential Democratic candidate Joe Biden was close behind Planned Parenthood, with a 12 percent net positive rating. Republican front-runner Donald Trump ranked the lowest, with a 33 percent net negative rating.

NBC/WSJ polled 1,000 American adults over cell phones and land lines using live interviewers Sept. 20 through 24.