The Truth About Planned Parenthood

"They made me feel comfortable asking anything. And I mean anything."

Planned Parenthood has been exposed... thanks to Funny or Die.

Oozing with sarcasm, a video titled "The Shocking Truth About Planned Parenthood" features women becoming emotional as they reveal the "heinous activities" Planned Parenthood provides. 

"Planned Parenthood is relentless -- in screening for breast and cervical cancer," one woman said in the video.

"They just answered question after question after question that I had," another added. 

The lack of color and fake emotions are nice touches to the video, which mentions other services the organization provides aside from abortion. It also ends with a man's take on the organization because -- guess what -- men can go there, too. But in light of all the recent political commentary, one woman's line sticks out more than the others.

"Planned Parenthood overwhelmed me with the ability to make my own choices -- without having to ask my congressman."

What a concept.

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