The Genius Way Planned Parenthood Used 'Pokemon Go' To Promote Safe Sex

"When you don't want to #CatchEmAll..."

Planned Parenthood is reminding a world obsessed with “catching ‘em all” that there are some things you definitely don’t want to catch.

The mobile phone app, which allows users to capture, battle and train 3-D virtual creatures, has taken the world by storm, even causing human stampedes and stopping traffic. The Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota Planned Parenthood action fund saw the Pokemon Go trend as an opportunity to educate people on safe sex (since more sex ed is always a good thing).

On July 13, the women’s health organization tweeted an illustration of what appears to be the Pokemon character Squirtle crossed with a condom. “When you don’t want to #CatchEmAll, condoms help prevent pregnancy and STDs,” Planned Parenthood wrote underneath the Squirtle-condom character.

The illustration, created by the Advocates For Youth organization, is both adorable and educational.

“There are some things you don’t want to catch,” Planned Parenthood added on Instagram. “Reminder: Condoms help prevent both pregnancy and STDs.”

Here’s to catching every Squirtle and none of the STDs.

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