Planned Parenthood Should File the 'Mother of All Defamation Suits'

In our electronic, social media age, Mark Twain's observation about lies traveling halfway around the globe before the truth puts on its boots should be revised to say that lies circle the earth many times before the truth boots up its smartphone.

The smearing of Planned Parenthood by verbal statements (slander) and film and written words (libel), together called "defamation", requires a vigorous response, in the only language that these thugs understand--money and requirement to tell the truth or face jail time--by filing a defamation lawsuit against all their false accusers.

Begin gathering defendants who are the more egregious perpetrators, the organization that misrepresented themselves to obtain the films; whomever spliced it to convey false or misleading information, the "news" outlets that did not check their sources or verify the authenticity of the videos; members of Congress speaking any place but the House or Senate floors (where their utterances are protected by the Constitution) but including any emails or other materials soliciting campaign support or raising money (illegal from Capitol chambers); TV and radio talk show hosts, not to mention any presidential candidates who have dumped on PP citing these tapes, or other false tapes...!!

Once the suit is filed, the following will occur: House and Senate members will speak of these matters only where the privileges and immunities clause protects them, a telltale sign itself; the arrogant thugs blasting PP will walk into depositions with their tails between their legs surrounded by phalanxes of slick, gucci-shoed lawyers, and when the deposition videos are finally made public, these people will be reduced to the mealy-mouthed, spineless creeps they really are; political candidates , some of whom may have already 'qualified' as defendants in the suit, will stop hurling invective against women and PP...

Most importantly, it will serve as a model for progressives and progressive organizations who make the mistake of assuming that answering lies and defamatory remarks is sufficient.

It isn't for two reasons.

First, as the updated Twain comment indicates, the lie has already intruded on peoples' psyches many times before the truth is broadcast. Second, all the defamers do is stop the current defamation, and go on to others. The only price they pay is their integrity, and that was auctioned to the highest bidder a long time ago.

And, so, they will just invent something else before the loop is even closed on the first one.

The lawsuit slows all of that down. Our legal process grinds exceedingly slow, but it does proceed inexorably with subpoenas and depositions and, eventually, verdicts. The transgressions are raised again and again.

The New York Times v. Sullivan decision will not save the defendants even if Planned Parenthood were deemed a "public figure", because the requirement of actual malice, that was defined as showing a deliberate or negligent disregard of the truth, can be easily proved.

The only way defendants can then rid themselves of the matter is to settle, but PP would have to agree to it. That is, PP will be in the driver's seat. And, why would they agree?

Perhaps, just perhaps, right-wing thugs may think twice before tangling with women's health again.