Planning A Wedding: Twitter Weighs In On Groom's Role

Marriage requires a partnership between two people. But a wedding? From the cliches of so-called bridezillas hellbent on recreating their childhood dream weddings to passive grooms who "just show up," pop culture would have us believe that the "partnership" goes by the wayside before the Big Day.

To find out how couples really divvy up the planning duties, we asked our readers on Thursday to tell us just how involved the groom was in their wedding plans. According to the Facebook comments and tweets we received, the Big Day is not just hers -- or his -- but theirs.

To be fair, some guys really aren't that interested in wedding planning -- though no brides we heard from purposely excluded them from the process. Most, however, were in charge of certain elements or wanted participate in picking out certain details. A few grooms even planned the whole thing themselves (much to the relief of their brides who "just showed up").

Click through the slideshow to read just who did what for these real weddings, then tell us what role each of you played in planning your wedding!

How Grooms Share In Wedding Planning

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