Plants Can Raise The Price Of Your Home And Boost Your Happiness

Don't be so quick to write off the succulent trend.

Plants do much more than add a pop of color to a room. According to a slew of studies Newsy rounded in for the video below, having plants nearby could benefit public health, your home's value and even your self-esteem. Gee whiz!

As the video reports, one 15-year longitudinal study found that women who lived in greener spaces tended to live longer than their more plantless counterparts: Ladies who occupied the greenest neighborhoods were 34 percent less likely to die of respiratory disease and 13 percent less likely to die of cancer. Researchers hypothesized that, beyond the air filtration that plants provide, their existence offers people a reason to get out and exercise and socialize, two habits that contribute to healthy living.

Other research has found that the greener your neighborhood, the more attractive your home. A study conducted in Philadelphia revealed that increasing urban vegetation boosted a home's property value by 2 percent. Even more significant: Several studies have examined the impact of greenery on crime, finding that adding vegetation to vacant lots was associated with reductions in certain crimes as well as gun violence. These changes certainly make a neighborhood more valuable, too.

Of course, greening your yard and home takes a bit of planning and resources. For smaller-scale benefits that blossom almost instantaneously, consider adding a little potted plant to your desktop. The little burst of green can reduce a workers' blood pressure, stress levels and fatigue.

The color green has also been shown to promote creativity, so adding a leafy plant to your home office could potentially improve your work performance. If you work in a corporate office, there's still work to do: One study found that the presence of plants could boost staff well-being and work performance by close to 50 percent, clearly accommodating more than just aesthetic appeal.

So before you write off the succulent trend and plop your once-beloved cacti in the compost bin, consider bring placing the little guys on your desk or even bringing them into work. They might help you and your family or co-workers find a new skip in your step.

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Houseplants That Are Hard To Kill