Plastic Bag Monsters Kill Journalist and Crew

As this journalist tried to warn us, we're all being eaten alive. Sadly, only our governments can save us. Yikes.

The free market has spoken: people want convenience, and are all too willing to let a moment of temporary laziness damn their children and planet for eternity. So, for those who have to live with it -- our ecosystems, our ocean and future generations -- we need to support bills like AB 1998, California's Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban. But ruthless lobbying groups like the American Chemistry Council spend a pretty penny to make sure they can keep pushing ecosystem killers like plastic bags, popping out hilarious propaganda only a senator up for re-election could buy.

Share and watch the video, and follow its links to contact a California state senator, in the last few days you can do so. Help California set a trend the rest of the US can follow.