9 Incredible Things You Can Do With Cheap Plastic Hangers

9 Incredible Things You Can Do With A Cheap Plastic Hanger

Clothing hangers probably top the list of things you'd rather not spend money on. Those cheap plastic hangers you've had since your dorm days are inexpensive, but they tend to break or imprint on your clothing more often than the more costly types.

Before you decide to swap out the flimsy plastic pieces, check out these ingenious hacks from YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker. As it turns out, seemingly useless clothing hangers can be transformed into household treasures. As CrazyRussianHacker demonstrates in the video above, there are a few nifty tricks that change the ordinary hanger into something miraculous: It doubles as a chip clip, a paper towel dispenser and so much more. Want to get hackin'? Check out all of the possibilities below.

Hang a bunch of shirts in no time at all.

Just slide your hand through the neck hole of several tees and slip each one off onto a hanger assembly line-style, fuss free.

Turn a cheap, plastic hanger into a slide-free hanger.

No need to purchase pricier hangers that have those little grooves to keep your clothes put. Just use a glue gun to add a few knobs on each side of the hanger. Be sure to let the glue cool entirely before putting your clothes back in the closet (that'd be a sticky situation!).

Transform a clip hanger into a chip clip.

Before you toss your broken hanger in the trash, reserve its little clippies for your kitchen. These function as excellent chip clips (something else you'd probably prefer not to buy).

Make a sturdy paper towel dispenser

This'll come in handy during an outdoor barbecue. Split a hanger at the bottom and place the two separate parts inside of the paper towel roll. Hang and rejoice.

Expand your closet by adding soda can tabs to your hangers.

These little pieces will allow you to layer your hangers; you'll be able to better see your clothing and create some more closet space.

Craft a note holder out of a clip hanger.

Simultaneously read and type with no hassle at all.

Ensure your nice clothes are hanger-mark free.

With a pool noodle, some duct tape and a bit of elbow grease, you can make a hanger that'll do nothing but gently caress your fancier wear. You can do the same with the lower part of the hanger, for your pants.

Put your cook book on a hanger.

No messy pages!

Secure your pants on a hanger so they never slide off to the bottom of your closet.

Fold one pant leg over the hanger and then fold as normal.

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