6 Photos That Show Just How Ridiculous Plastic Packaging Has Become

Shrink-wrapped cans of beer, anyone?

We know the drill ― our rivers and oceans are overwhelmed by plastic and it’s ending up in animals’ stomachs, in our drinking water and even in the air we breathe.

A big source of contention is single-use packaging: takeout containers, potato chip packets, yogurt pots and salad bags, plus the million plastic water bottles bought around the world every minute.

Some retailers and industry groups defend plastic packaging on the basis that it helps prevent food waste. But is there ever a justification for shrink-wrapping bananas? Or cans of beer? We asked for your photos of ridiculous plastic packaging. Here are some of the gems you sent us.

1. Totally Bananas

2. We Can’t Even...

3. Cans You Believe It?

4. Coco-nuts

5. How Is This A Thing?

6. Yum

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