Plastic Surgery Business Sags Amid Recession, Celebrity Regrets

Plastic Surgery Business Sags Amid Recession, Celebrity Regrets

The New York Times reports that plastic surgery is on the decline...especially in regions where it's most enjoyed.

"In Orange County, where plastic surgery is a part of their culture, doctors told me business is down 30 to 40 percent," said Thomas Seery, the president of, a site devoted to reviewing vanity-medicine procedures. "That tells me something is fundamentally changing there."

Even a few celebrities, those early adopters of appearance technology, have started to deride the plasticized look that sometimes accompanies cosmetic interventions, a harbinger perhaps of a new climate of restraint in which overt augmentation seems like bad taste.

Call it a Botox backlash. Last month in interviews with different magazines, the actresses Courteney Cox and Lisa Rinna said that they did not like the look of excessive facial injections.

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