She Had Face Time With A Plastic Surgeon To Take A Better Selfie

What One Woman Did For A Better Selfie

Forget apps that can nip and tuck your selfies. Triana Lavey opted for the real deal.

The talent agent from Los Angeles had chin and nose jobs plus fat grafting to look better in her selfies, ABC's "Nightline" reported.

"I now have the face that I always thought that I had," she told the news show. "I look like myself, but Photoshopped."

Lavey asserts that social media presence is in a virtual tie with real-life presence in terms of importance. "Your selfie is your headshot,” she said.

Since undergoing the original procedure two years ago, Lavey has had corrective work done in addition to regular Botox treatments.

More than 1.6 million cosmetic surgeries are performed annually, according to the 2013 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report.

A survey published on Media Bistro found that more than a million selfies are taken each day and that about 36 percent of selfie-takers admit to altering their photos.

But for those who have neither the money (Lavey's procedures were worth about $15,000, but she reportedly got a discount) nor inclination to undergo surgery, perhaps the best way to take a profile picture is to stay away from selfies altogether. Have someone else take the photo for you.

"When you’re interacting with another person, your expression is likely to look more natural and engaging," Laptop writes.

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