Platform For Prosperity Backlash: Northern Colorado Tea Partiers Not Sold On GOP Plan

Gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis appeared on Fox News Thursday to discuss the recently announced Platform for Prosperity, the GOP's plan to woo Tea Party activists from the right. Followers of Colorado politics may have been taken off guard by the way Fox billed the Republican front-runner as "the country's biggest Tea Party candidate" At one point host Neil Cavuto told McInnis--who is known as a moderate, and agreed to endorse the Platform for Prosperity as a way of endearing himself to the Party's conservative base--"now, you're running as a Republican, but you're not so much married to the party as you are to the cause of limited government, and limited taxation."

The problem? The interview coincided with a series of reports indicating that McInnis has by no means secured the support of Tea Party groups. Bob Moore of the Coloradoan quoted an email sent by Lesley Hollywood of the Tea Party of Northern Colorado:

"It's one thing for McInnis to run lock step with his party, that's his choice, but to actually mislead the media and the public to believe he has the support of We The People is nothing short of dishonest,"

Colorado Springs pundit Michelle Malkin wrote in her blog: "Memo to GOP candidates: Do not call yourself the 'Tea Party backed candidate' if, in fact, Tea Party groups aren't backing you."