Play The Les Paul Guitar Google Logo An Extra Day: Here's How

Users have another day to play Google's interactive Les Paul-inspired guitar logo.

On Thursday, Google unveiled a doodle commemorating the anniversary of musician Les Paul's birth (More about innovator and guitarist Les Paul here). The Google doodle has been one of the most popular yet and features an interactive electric guitar (of sorts) that lets users strum notes, play chords, and even record their ditties.

Most Google doodles remain only for a single day, but Google tweeted that it will be leaving the Les Paul logo up for longer.

"Due to popular demand, we're leaving the Les Paul doodle up in the U.S. for an extra day. Thanks for jamming with us!" Google tweeted.

Check out our guide to how to play the Google doodle "guitar" here, featuring information on notes, chords, music others have made, and more.

Also, here's how you can play the Google doodle after it's taken down.

HuffPostTech readers have sent us a slew of Google doodle ditties they've created using the Google logo. Here are some of the best:

UPDATE: Here are some of the best submissions so far. Think you can top these?