Play with shelter animals online

There may be endless things to do on the internet, but did you know you can play with shelter animals right thorough your browser?


iPet Companion is an internet pet toy that allows people to play with sheltered animals in real time -- from anywhere in the world! iPet Companion is a pet play system that combines live web viewing with remotely controlled pet toys, for a realtime experience that allows users to move toys via the internet and play live with shelter animals available for adoption.

Through the site I was able to watch others play with shelter pets by clicking buttons right on the website, and watch animals play with the toys controlled by people from around the world. Once my turn came around I was given two minutes to control the toys for the animals. It was an awesome experience I would recommend you try, it's pretty much guaranteed you will laugh and smile while you watch.

Don't just browse endlessly on the internet for anything, help an animal by playing with them, which will pass the time until they are adopted!

-Rescue Idiot
Chris Stallone