Playboy Mansion for Halloween -- Sans Boyfriend

In this Oct. 13, 2011 photo, American magazine publisher, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Enterprises, Hugh Hef
In this Oct. 13, 2011 photo, American magazine publisher, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Enterprises, Hugh Hefner poses for a photograph at his home at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, Calif. (AP Photo/Kristian Dowling)

Don't ask me why the prospect of visiting the Playboy Mansion for a Halloween party carries the titillation it does. The answers are too elusive, and for some, too multiple to list... or at best, they aren't reason enough for the conferred high intrigue.

Whether you find it an intoxicating "attraction" or not, I'll be gracing the famous Grotto and Cabana areas this Saturday night with a celebrity client for the Karma Foundation's Annual Playboy Mansion Halloween party.

What will I wear? Well, depending on how my wounds from my recent surgery have healed, I'll either be a Naughty Police Officer or a Sexy Pirate. I certainly won't be dressed like most at this party! Translation: Not dressed... wearing pasties.

But here is the kicker for most of you if you are single, and I hope this revolutionizes your dating life: I'll be attending this fabulous soirée sans boyfriend. Yep. And he's OK with it. Not that going alone is the goal. No, no and no.

Here's the thing:
The Playboy Mansion is one of those anomalies that most in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles totally understands. It's one of those "must see," "must do" (at least once) sort of places, and the fact that women are admitted without question or fee, while men are expected to shell out a good $1,000.00 (and up) for a party pass has always been just sort of... known and expected. My man understands I am doing this for business purposes (yeah right), and he fully supports me (though I can't explain the whimpering and sniveling I seem to keep hearing when the shower is running or the bedroom door is closed).

This is the kind of relationship we have, and this is why it works. He could ABSOLUTELY do the same and I would encourage it and hope he had an incredibly awesome time. I have no insecurities there. No, none. But this is why I love him.

Perhaps it's the age-old image of the Bunnies of the 1950s and '60s in all their glamour and mystique that still rings true today and stokes the fires of admiration for the Mansion. That, and the surreptitious way the bunnies are housed in their gilded cage, making it virtually impossible for the everyday-Joe to enter and/or see/touch.

The magazine made a sensational splash on our cultural scene in 1953, and though its popularity has experienced an ebb and flow over the decades, it maintains its status as a hallmark of human sexuality and lifestyle.

The Mansion (which wasn't acquired until 1971 by Hugh Hefner as his personal residence) remains one of the most alluring attractions among Hollywood Elite, "civilians" and just about anyone with a sex organ (yes, women are sometimes more curious and excited at the prospect then their male counterparts, and some gay men find the display of heightened testosterone -- albeit hetero-heightening -- utterly delicious). When some of the famous Playboy Clubs of recent decades closed their doors (their recent counterparts, some still open, notwithstanding), the demand to experience the bunnies, live and in person (and the slightest, most remote chance of every straight man's fantasy or flirtation coming true... that of a Bunny finding him attractive and running away with him... or at minimum.... sneaking off to do the dirty somewhere on the mansion grounds) grew even more.

Suffice it to say, I'll have lots to talk about come next week. You'll have to tune into my blog to get the skinny, or by all means, find my alter ego @Mscheevious on Twitter. She is sure to dish more than I.

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Have a spooky weekend everyone and Enjoy Every Moment!!

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