Playboy Models Don Lettuce Bikinis For PETA Capitol Hill Cookout (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Wednesday On Capitol Hill, Washington got a plateful and an eyeful at PETA's annual National Veggie Dog Day. Playboy Playmates Jayde Nicole and Jo Garcia showed up to represent the cause in lettuce Bikinis. The best moments of the video below include the preroll Applebee's ad showing LOTS of meat-a-licious food (the irony!), when one of the playmates moves her hair out of the way so the camera can get a better shot of her breasts, and when a Washington suit attempts to hit on one of the ladies.

Also: In the 9th photo of the slideshow, look closely at the tattoo one of the ladies has in the bikini region. (HT to a HuffPost Editor who wishes to remain anonymous.)