Playboy Scorned For Hateful Attack On Conservative Pundits (And The Rest Of Today's Scritti Politti)

Playboy Scorned For Hateful Attack On Conservative Pundits (And The Rest Of Today's Scritti Politti)

Circumstances conspired against me doing what Chip Hanlon advises on these pages today: heap a ton of scorn on Playboy Magazine and writer Guy Cimbalo for penning an utterly repellent and damnable attack on female conservative pundits yesterday. However, I doubt I can improve upon the critique penned by the ever-reliable Megan Carpentier at Jezebel over this matter:

Occasionally, we try to prove or disprove the trope that men read Playboy for the incisive articles. Today, having read Guy Cimbalo's epic work on the 10 conservative women he'd like to hate-fuck, we're guessing not too many men even care.

Because it's not as if Cimbalo does anything in his piece but slag on these women for having the audacity to be attractive, conservative, opinionated and loud about those opinions. In other words, if he didn't agree with us mouthy liberal broads, he wouldn't want to fuck us either, and apparently prefers his women quiet and agreeable. And that - no matter what your politics are - is just gross.

Playboy has since taken it down. As it happens, Politico has apparently pulled down an article as well: an astonishingly tone-deaf piece from Anne Schroeder that, well...SORT OF BURIED THE LEDE by failing to mention anything beyond the fact that some female pundits had made an innocuous list.

Chip Hanlon: This Playboy Article Deserves Scorn from the Left

Good News: You'll Also Still Probably Die With The Most Toys: In the wake of the government takeover of General Motors, many have lamented: "Ohhh, mercy! Who will think of the poor bondholders?" Well, not to worry, bondholders! Chris Lehmann thought about you! At great length, in fact!

There's No Easy Way To Learn About "Yiffing": So, screw it! Learn about it this way!

Citi Holds Out On Bonuses?: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Citigroup is balking at paying five former executives tens of millions of dollars in bonuses.

Citigroup already has doled out more than half of the roughly $100 million it promised to the former executives. But company officials recently decided not to proceed with the remaining payments, concluding that they wanted to avoid even the possibility of a public backlash over the money, people familiar with the situation said.

CJR calls it a "common sense sighting," but riddle me this: How will Wall Street be able to attract the best and brightest talent to come and frack up the financial sector and later retire to a want-free life now?

Memories Of Tom Tancredo: Via Wonkette, please to enjoy this video of our friend Liz Glover asking Tom Tancredo, "Why do you shun the Latino in you?"

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