Crotch-Grabbing Player Doesn't Shake Hands With Romantic Rival

Crude and rude, dude.

Professional athletes are told to keep personal issues off the field, but Torino soccer player Maxi Lopez wasn't having it.

In a pre-game line to shake hands with the opposing team Sunday in Italy, he didn't offer his hand to Inter Milan's Mauro Icardi. He grabbed his own crotch instead. Nice.

To say there's history between the two would be an understatement. Icardi is married to Lopez's ex-wife, Wanda Nara, ESPNFC pointed out. They wed shortly after Icardi and Nara divorced in 2013.

Icardi ticked off Lopez further by getting a tattoo of Lopez's three children with Nara, Goal noted. Lopez has refused to shake Icardi's hand before but the apparent fistful-of-frank gesture may take the rivalry up a notch.

"Unfortunately, these things happen; it depends on the ignorance of certain people," Icardi said Sunday, per Goal. "I gave my hand, I am polite."

Three kids from Nara's marriage to Lopez and one from her marriage with Icardi were in the stands with their mother. 

Sportsmanship lost but Torino won, 2-1.