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Playing With Possibility -- An Exercise In Manifesting

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Setting a clear conscious desire to manifest what you desire around work, relationships, homes and life and then celebrating the results is brilliantly empowering! This exercise requires that you suspend doubt, limiting beliefs, worry about making money or being young enough, smart enough or educated enough. It requires that you open your heart to explore your dreams.

I promise that you will see them come alive!

I have asked some clients to post their success stories and share their experience in Playing With Possibility!

Are you ready to give it a try?

What you need to begin:

Uninterrupted quiet time to first sit and ask yourself some questions.
A preferred way of writing: pen and paper, laptop...your choice
An open mind and willingness to be curious, playful and creative as thoughts and dreams emerge

Here we go...

What does your IDEAL look like?

Companion / Relationship
Job (life work)
Other __________


Imagine there are NO limitations
. Time, money, education, geographic location... whatever you need is available to you.

Imagine there are NO negative ramifications. No one is going to give you a hard time, you are not going to hurt anyone's feelings, your own fears and limiting beliefs are miraculously suspended!

Some questions to get you started: (please add to the list as you are inspired)

Ideal Work/LIfe's Passion:

Set an EMOTIONAL INTENTION: When you are engaged in your ideal work / life's passion, how do you FEEL? (use as many adjectives as adequately describe how you want to feel)

**Answer the following EVEN if the answer has nothing to do with making money...your ego mind will say "that doesn't count, I can't make money doing that..." Write it down anyway.

What are your gifts and talents?
What are you passionate about?
How do you most enjoy spending your time? (ie. working on a team vs. alone, doing research, talking to people, being creative)
What percentage of your day / week would you want to do each of those things?
What is your ideal work environment? (private office vs. community space vs. home office, in the field, your own space: store / shop / business)
What routine would work for you? (steady daily routine, different every day)

Now that you have your creative juices flowing...

Write a story about your ideal work day or week.

What time do you awake? What do you do in the morning?
When do you begin work? Is there a commute?
What does your workspace look like? Color of the walls, lighting, etc.
How does your day unfold?
When do you end your work day?


How do you FEEL in this flow of working? What emotions do you attach to each activity?

Be open to what unfolds after you do this exercise.
Where have your expanded possibility?
How have you become clearer about what it is you want to do?
Who can you talk to about this?
What research can you do?
What are your next steps?

Ideal Companion / Relationship

Set an EMOTIONAL INTENTION: When you are engaged in a relationship with your ideal companion, how do you FEEL? (use as many adjectives as adequately describe how you want to feel)

What are your non-negotiables and must haves? (ie. non smoking, physically active...)

What are the attributes you desire in a companion: consider any categories that are important to you


Describe in detail how your ideal relationship would BE.

o How would you be together?

o What would you do?

o How would you face difficulties?

o Problem solving?

Step away from the exercise and revisit it a few times over the next few days...think about it, edit it, add to it. How does it feel?

Now take a leap of faith that THIS is the person and relationship that you will engage in and let the process unfold... drawing to your heart's desire!!

Ideal Home

Set an EMOTIONAL INTENTION: When you are engaged in your ideal work / life's passion, how do you FEEL? (use as many adjectives as adequately describe how you want to feel)

What type of surroundings do you want to live in? The city, suburbs, mountains, shore, country...
What part of the world / country do you want to live in?
What type of home do you desire? Home, apartment, condo
What does your home look like?
How many rooms? What size? What do you use them for?
What is your ideal floor plan?
What colors are your walls, how sunny is it, what other characteristics does it have (hard woodfloors, crown molding, lush wall to wall carpet)
Describe your kitchen, bedroom, common living space...?
Is it old or new construction?
How much land do you have? What is the surrounding town / city / open space like?
What do you love to do and how does your home fit into that? (biking, hiking, barbecuing, shopping, live music, museums...)
What does your outdoor space look like? Terrace, patio, gardens...
What is your surrounding neighborhood? Sound & air quality, driving experience, population...

How do you start and end your day in this which rooms, doing what? What do you most enjoy about your home? What else???

If you are like me and considering relocating to an entirely new location, you may have even more questions to ask. If you are looking for a home in your current community, some of these questions may be irrelevant to you. These questions are guidelines meant to get your creative juices flowing, not limit you in any way.

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