PlayStation 4 Reviews: Here's What The Critics Are Saying

The new PlayStation 4 is on display at the Sony booth during the E3 game show in Los Angeles, Tuesday, June 11, 2013. (AP Pho
The new PlayStation 4 is on display at the Sony booth during the E3 game show in Los Angeles, Tuesday, June 11, 2013. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Sony's PlayStation 4 is set to hit stores on Friday, Nov. 15, and a big question still lingers for many: Should I buy it?

While the PlayStation 3 was by no means a failure, with 80 million units sold in seven years, that number is far off from the success Sony had with the PlayStation 2, which sold more than 150 million units. Can the PlayStation 4 bring back Sony's mojo?

The DualShock 4 controller for the PlayStation 4 looks a lot like its predecessors, but incorporates a new multi-touchpad feature along with useful incremental changes like a headphone jack, so your late-night gaming won't bother your roommates. For Matt Peckham at Time, the tweaks offer a well-rounded controller for gamers using the PlayStation 4 -- a system he refers to as "Sony's comeback console."

ps3 controller
Here's a comparison of the DualShock 3 and the DualShock 4.
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Some reviewers have found that one place where the PlayStation 4 lacks improvement is in the user interface and operating system department. Polygon's review praises changes such as the ease of switching between PSN ID's and a double tap to browse between active apps and games, but finds other places for improvement -- like the confusing menus and sub-menus, and the fact that games are displayed in an "endless horizontal line with no organizational options whatsoever."

With many next-gen consoles deciding that sharing is caring, Richard Mitchell at Joystiq emphasizes just how seamless it is to share your latest and greatest gaming conquests. Players can easily cut videos and share them for "instant fame," he notes.

Still, for all the improvements, bells and whistles, a common thread has emerged among early PlayStation 4 reviews: the lack of good games available at launch. At NBC News, Yannick LeJacq ponders: Is this $400-plus machine really worth your money right now? LeJacq notes that the system is missing "a convincing game from one of its legendary first-party studios."

Meanwhile, if you're looking for brevity, BuzzFeed's John Herrman tweeted the most succinct review around:




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