Please Don't Ruin 'Sex And The City' For Us

“SATC” isn’t just a show.

I was 17 when Mr. Big flew to Paris to get Carrie back from Alexandr Petrovsky. I had just moved out of my parents’ house, hadn’t enrolled into uni yet and instead worked in a bar whilst trying really hard to get a grip on all things life and love. Their happy ending made a very dark and cold winter slightly bearable.

Over the past few weeks there have been more than a few headlines about “Sex And The City.” Apparently, there is quite a bit of bitterness, regret, dislike and blame between the women who have played Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda for so long. And even though they all have the right to their own feelings, I want to plead for them not to share them with us. And by “us” I mean the thousands and thousands of girls who became women watching “Sex And The City.”

“Sex And The City” isn’t just a show. It is the thing that makes us look back a sh*tty time – because, let’s face it, your late teens and early 20s are just that – with a sense of nostalgia.



When I was 17, I too loved two different men in two different countries. Because of Carrie I realized I was in love with only one of them.“Sex And The City” taught me all kinds of things about life and love and fashion. In my opinion Carrie made all the wrong choices when it came to men, I felt like she sabotaged all her relationships by creating drama where there wasn’t any and she spent way too much money on shoes.

I loved that show.“Sex And The City” ignited my love for style and fashion and even though I still spend way too much on clothes and shoes, I did end up making better choices when it comes to love. And I partly have Carrie’s bad decisions to thank for that.

SJP, Kim, Kristin and Cynthia have a legacy to uphold. It may sound sad – especially to those who grew up watching “Girls” instead of”Sex And The City,” a show that’s supposed to be way more “feministic and real”- but I need them to keep the nostalgia intact. The dress with a thousand layers is what enables me to romanticize the memory of the seventeen-year-old me. So please, stop bitching and don’t ruin “Sex And The City” for me.