Please God, Not Robin Williams...

Possibly Robin Williams' most side splitting TV appearance, ever

When my daughter asked me, "What's going on with Robin Williams?" I hoped it wasn't what I feared. Constantly connected to her cell like many of her generation, she had seen a quick blurb flash by on one of the many social networking sites she keeps track of all day long.

And seconds later, she gave me the news I still can't bring myself to believe.

I don't have a damned thing to add to all the talking head tributes you'll be seeing for the next few days. Weeks, probably, given Robin's prodigious talent. We just loved the man. He made us laugh and cry and the Dead Poets Society, "Oh, Captain, my Captain" tributes on Twitter are just tearing me up.

The video above is one of the best examples of why this man will be remembered. You you probably won't see it or hear it mentioned in any of the tributes today. It's his legendary Inside the Actor's Studio appearance. The whole thing.

And all I need to tell you to prove how incredibly funny this appearance is this little story.

You see, throughout the whole hour long appearance you will hear one woman's shrill, seemingly uncontrollable laughter above all the rest. So what? Well a while later, host James Lipton would reveal that after the show ended, she had to be rushed to Emergency where she discovered that she had suffered internal injuries from laughing so hard.

No, that's not funny. But think about it. The woman was giving herself a hernia out there, but she sat through the whole thing anyway.

The episode may disappear quickly after I post this, but God I hope not. It needs to be seen and remembered today of all days when what we need most is a Robin Williams to make us laugh the way only he could.

God, Robin... why...?