23 Hilarious Moments Any Commuter Will Recognize

Can I just work from home?

Commuting isn't exactly a fun activity. It costs an arm and a leg, takes precious time out of your day and public transportation is always packed with ... um ... questionable people. And yet, sometimes you just have to see the humor in it all.

  • 1 When you first start out your commute, you naively think it won't be that bad. Maybe you'll even enjoy it. Who knows! Life is beautiful.
  • 2 ... Then you realize you were so poorly mistaken because COMMUTING SUCKS.
  • 3 When you can't stick around for happy hour with your coworkers because, OH, YEAH, YOU HAVE TO EMBARK ON YOUR LONG-ASS JOURNEY HOME.
  • 4 When your friends want to meet up after work but you're too exhausted after commuting all day.
  • 5 When the weather refuses to cooperate with your commute.
  • 6 Seriously.
  • 7 When you realize how insanely expensive it is to commute and start to question your life choices.
  • 8 When your commute also means waking up earlier for work and you literally can't deal.
  • 9 When traffic or late trains pretty much screw up your entire morning.
  • 10 When you hear "you're late" way too many times every week.
  • 11 When your commute becomes your very own special kind of hell.
  • 12 When every inch of your commute is hella gross and nasty.
  • 13 When all the rude people on the subway make you question humanity as a whole.
  • 14 When the flatulence of Satan himself suffocates your entire subway car.
  • 15 When you roll your eyes at the weaklings who think "man spreading" is the worst because YOU have actually seen WAY WORSE.
  • 16 When every single subway performer somehow manage to make you hate music. And happiness. And life in general.
  • 17 When you become numb to the commuter madness because you've seen it all at this point.
  • 18 When you realize what happens on the subway, stays on the subway.
  • 19 ... Because, honestly, it's in everyone's best interest to keep it that way.
  • 20 When you grow to legitimately fear train doors, aka the clutches of the devil.
  • 21 When you almost start to miss seeing people read "50 Shades Of Grey" in public, because now you're seeing way more questionable literature.
  • 22 When you can barely keep track of your commuter buddy and lose them mid-journey.
  • 23 When even public transportation knows it can be a real pain.


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