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Please, Please, PLEASE Don't...

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Please do not give up. Even when it gets hard... especially when it gets hard, because the truth is: It is not always easy to get the things we want, but it is always possible --@christinhassler (Tweet this!)

I see so many people give up and lose hope when things get hard. They take it as feedback that it's not meant to be and call it surrender when it is really resignation. Or they lose faith in themselves or the Universe and settle for less than their heart desires.

Not everything in our life comes with grace and ease but we have what it takes to make our dreams come true. Sure they may not all come in the form we expected (read more about that here), but every dream you have can become a reality -- you just may have to work for it.

In this week's vlog I teach you an 8-step process for pursuing goals. Be sure to watch to get the detailed breakdown from me as well as a fun shopping analogy.

Good question! If you are working toward a specific goal with dedication, perseverance, commitment, intention, self-awareness, support, and a positive attitude and you continue to experience block after block after block, that could be the Universe working to redirect you. It may be time to let go of that specific goal and see which direction the Universe takes you instead.

On the contrary, if you are ready to give up on something just because it is hard and takes too much time and energy, that is laziness. Or if you are allowing self-doubt or worthiness issues to make up a story about why it won't happen, that is resignation.

Inside you know the difference so do a gut check and assess whether or not you get going when the going gets tough.

Now onto the 8-step process, for a more detailed explanation be sure to watch the vlog

1. Identify what you want. Dream big. Don't play small. Name that thing you desire even if (especially if!) it seems far of... either far off in the future or far off in terms of how much time and energy it may require. Do not be afraid to want something -- allow yourself permission to go after your heart's desires.

2. Create a timeline. On a sheet of paper or on your computer if you are tech-fancy, make a timeline from now until the goal. Either set a specific end date for when you'd like to accomplish your goal or estimate the amount of time you think or would like this goal to take.

3. Break down the goal into steps. Look at the timeline and start making markers of the actions you need to take to reach that goal. You may not know all the steps but it's important to start breaking it down. Breaking it down into steps on a timeline gives you direction and helps you deal with overwhelm.

4. Mark Self or Support. On each of the steps you have written out, identify whether it is a step you can do on your own or if you need some kind of support. Support could include training, coaching, hiring someone, enrolling a family member, etc. It is important to have perspective on how much of this goal will require other people.

5. Calendar your steps. Writing them down is not enough; commit to when you will actually do them. Put it in your calendar just like you would an important appointment -- and keep your appointment with yourself. Even if your step is a year off in the future, put it on your calendar because the mind rests when it knows when something is happening.

6. Get an accountability partner. Find someone you can enroll in your goal and vision to be accountable to while celebrating all the winning steps along the way to your goal! Choose someone you can also lean on for support when fear or attempted resignation comes up.

7. Invest in your goal every day. DO a little something every day, yes even weekends! This is your dream you are investing in. Isn't it worth your time every day? Come on, you check Facebook everyday -- your goals are more important.

8. Monitor your self-talk. Your inner dialogue will make you or break you. You have a responsibility to choose your thoughts. Make sure they are encouraging, realistic, and supportive. Coach rather than criticize. Going after hard stuff is hard enough so don't be hard on yourself in the process! -- @christinhassler (Tweet this!)

Finally along the journey of pursuing your goals, pay attention and express gratitude for all the EASY stuff that has and continues to effortlessly happen in your life. You are blessed with so many people and experiences that did not require a lot of effort -- not everything is hard!

I believe in you and your dreams. I hope this process serves you. Please head over the blog and share your comments and questions as I love connecting with you.