Please Stop Bashing Pinkwashers and the NFL

Dr. Susan Love wrote a blog last week about all cancers being metastatic. It's exactly what I needed to read as I received word that I am now a member of the club.

As I read through tweets and blogs regarding the NFL and Pinkwashing, I become discouraged by those who have lost the intent of the pink ribbon. Susan G. Komen is not only about breast cancer awareness... it's for the cure! Neither is the American Cancer Society, The Breast Cancer Site, Avon and the list go on. If it wasn't for these organizations, October would not be pink.

I know that I am going to die from this disease, but not today. If you read Dr. Love's blog and do your research, you'll see that more and more women with metastatic breast cancer are living longer and longer. And, every day that I wake up on this side of the dirt, I'm closer to someone finding a cure. I still have hope!

These organizations that are scolded for creating awareness fund research, lobby and do so much more. All cancer sucks. But over the years, as I have posted before, I have come to love Pinktober because all of this is done for me.

Basic economics teaches us that we live in a capitalistic world. That means companies are supposed to make a profit. Please... if you're not already making pink products promoting and donating, join the bandwagon. Make some money. We'll take a penny here and a penny there. PINKWASH! PINKWASH!

In addition, a healthy portion of the money raised by non-profit organizations and professional fundraisers really does not go to the entity utilizing the fundraiser. That's OK! They have salaries and bills to pay. Someone has to work to raise the funds.Not everyone has the ability to volunteer. I'd like to start a foundation, but I need a job, The non-profit and professional fundraisers raise much more money that actually does go to the charity than they could ever raise on their own.

These for-profit companies, both national and worldwide. give more money to fund cancer research than you can ever imagine. I don't care if they make a profit. I don't care if they make a huge profit. I don't care if they make a tiny profit. I don't care if some of them make no profit at all as long as October remains pink. Whatever money is given gets used.

If this continues, we will find the cure. And don't worry. If we find the cure, those amazing capitalists out there will find another way to make a buck and perhaps color another month. Let's hope so.

And just stop it already with the NFL. I want to see those beautiful big men in tights running up and down the field wearing bright pink shoes and towels and arm bands until the day I die!

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