Plumbing Pakistan: Flushing Common Sense

It’s just after 10 am on the West Coast and already my piece in the LA Times today, based in part on my blogging of yesterday, is getting tons of responses. The sassiest and wisest reaction so far? From my very own webmaster, Luke Murphy, a witty Irishman who knows how to cut to the quick.

To quote Luke, “Why did nobody point out at the very start that you can’t flush a book down a toilet? It’s like trying to flush a cinderblock. The Koran may have been placed inside a toilet which was subsequently flushed, or it may have been separated into its component pages which were further torn into small parts and flushed a small quantity at a time, thus requiring probably a full day of constant flushing to get the whole 6666 verses down the S-bend without causing a blockage. However, common sense dictates that nobody could flush the Koran down a toilet.”

Now you know why we need working-class folks in the White House. Only they would have been able to make such an argument right away. So much for Dubya being a hands-on guy who spends weekends fixing stuff around the Crawford ranch.

Or maybe he secretly bought the line that a Koran could be flushed in one fell swoop. The explanation: ever heard of a miracle?