Plus Size And Traveling Fabulously!

This is one of my favorite posts to date because it shows real women who travel. Why is that a big deal? Because these women are embracing their figures and living their lives to the fullest which is what life is all about.
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This is one of my favorite posts to date because it shows real women who travel. Why is that a big deal? Because these women are embracing their figures and living their lives to the fullest which is what life is all about. I stumbled across a conversation in Nomadness Travel Tribe (created by Evita Turquoise Robinson) and I am so pleased to be able to introduce you to these phenomenal women. I hope you enjoy their strength as much as I do.


Timah (Photo credit Melissa Crown)

Plus size traveler here. I've been bungee jumping, ATVing, I love roller coasters, wear bikinis, stripped naked in Korean jimjilbangs routinely, enjoyed burlesque dancing, and try my best to enjoy the hell out of life. If only Sky Dive Dubai would quit their shenanigans, I could finally go sky diving. It took me a while to get here, and still have work to do, but so glad we are both allowing ourselves to feel vulnerable and keep pushing anyway.

Here's my litmus test for if a place/activity is plus-friendly: Can I buy a ticket and get there/participate safely? Then it's plus size friendly.

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Fatimah's Blog:


LaCrissa (photo by Chris Ross)

As I travel I learn to just live. Yes I've run into weight restrictions when I wanted to ski dive in Dubai but for the most part folks around the world have been awesome.

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LaCrissa on Instagram: ThatGirlsApp


As a plus size traveler who has traveled to at least 35 countries, I have learned not to let my weight hinder my travels. While not every destination has been "fat friendly", I have found many that have welcomed me with open arms. The love that I am shown abroad is often better than I receive in my own country.

I have found that there is no greater sense of accomplishment than being on a physically challenging excursion and being able to keep up, if not outperform, all the non-plus size travelers. The most rewarding to date was climbing La Piedra del Penol in Colombia which consisted of about 700 steps to the top. The guide looked at me and said this is not advisable and I just smiled and said "I got this." And I did!

Kim on Instagram: kimmieg_9


Eve (Photo by Melvin Clark)

I'm a plus sized Traveller and I get it in all over the world! Clothing shopping can be a little problematic but just look for a local plus sized girl and ask her or research shops in advance! My MS prevents me from doing lots of thrill seeking rides but I enjoy museums and other things! Don't be discouraged we are out here and enjoying the world! I'm on the beach taking pics with my smaller friends and loving it and they love me too.

Eve on Twitter:@EveTeamTX


Markita (photo by Tatijana Robinson)

I'm 5'9" 240. People are amazed at my confidence. But once you lived 20 years being depressed and ashamed of your body something has to give. Now I do get a little upset when the armrest won't go down because my hips are wider than my seat. But YOLO (seriously that stupid phase has helped me live). I can't be on my death bed saying I wish I would have done something because I never lost weight.

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As a plus sized woman, I used to feel ashamed and embarrassed about not being able to fasten my seat belt. I dreaded asking for an extension, that was even more embarrassing. But I didn't let my extra pounds hold me back. I still love and do travel. Although there are some activities that I really can't enjoy while vacationing, like hiking and horseback riding, I find other activities that I can enjoy. And when I get a little tired, I know how to find a seat. I am comfortable in my skin now and I not ashamed of ME.



Hey there! I am a plus-size traveler and I have not had any problems. I am NOT ashamed to ask for the seat belt extender at all because I paid for my ticket and you have no business making ALL of the seats so small anyway. I have never enjoyed amusement parks. I don't like fast, spinny things so that has not been an issue. I have been to 9 countries and I do get stared at, but only because I am walking on the Great Wall of China and some folks can't believe that I can do it!

I get stared at when I run to catch a bus or when I squeeze into a bus seat too, but I don't care! I love my size! I love the way I look! I feel sorry for women who have body issues and who starve themselves or refrain from eating pastries in Paris because they are too fattening! Ugh! Don't be ashamed of yourself. We are NOT all meant to look alike. I also love the spas that I have been to in Mexico and Italy and China and Egypt.....all this big brown roundness might be a shock to some, but I don't care. And you shouldn't either! Enjoy your life! Pastries for everybody!

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Jasmine (Photo credit Jasmine Owens)

I go where I want to, but I am conscious that I can't do everything.


Georgette (picture taken by Georgette)

For years I allowed my size to stop me from traveling due to fear of being ostracized until one day I said "eff this!" & booked a plane ticket . Since then I've traveled to various countries in Europe, South America and the Caribbean with no problem. If people had an issue that was THEIR problem not mine. I was too busy having a great time to give damn!

Georgette's Blog:


Tiffany (Photo credit Madina Dijourte)

I may not have a beach body to some but I'm going to wear my 2 piece anyway. Who cares what other people think!

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Tiffany on Instagram: afriquanqueen


Robyn (photo credit Sierra Richardson)

Being plus sized, people constantly place limits on you by telling you what you can and can't do, what you should and shouldn't do, and how you should and shouldn't act. Anyone that knows me well knows that I don't conform to limits.

I've hiked in three countries. I've swam with sharks, stingrays, and dolphins. I've snorkeled in some of the best reefs in the world. I've explored ruins, slid down cliffs, climbed waterfalls (I almost died lol). I'm just living life. No matter what anyone else thinks or says, just live limitlessly.

What do you think of these remarkable women?

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